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Welcome to LASER66.com
                          Whether seeking an low divergence 850nm military module to integrate with your EOIR system,
 a 635nm diode for a new sporting goods product, a high powered 520nm green module,
the latest 405nm laser for your biomedical system, or need engineering assistance as your firm
has no experience with lasers and FDA regulations...
You have come to the right place. 

Welcome to LASER66.com

Custom IR Designator Module

        This is the home of Creative Technology Lasers.          
2023 is our 26th Year !

Take advantage of our nearly 40 years experience in the laser industry.   

Ready to assist with your project, we stock a complete selection of Laser Diodes and OEM Laser Modules. Our customers appreciate the time we spend with them and the services we provide.
 From initial samples through design phases & production, we can assist as much as you need.
On several occasions we have saved projects due to inferior product selection. We have years of experience with US and foreign suppliers- weeding out those to avoid.
Requirements may allow for an off the shelf solution.
Often a custom designs to suit ODM specifications prevails.


     Newer Pages:

     Green Laser Diodes !
     445nm 450nm Blue Laser Diodes
     Laser Diode Driver Circuits
     Module Components for your prototyping: Including the famous 405-G-2 Lens HOT
     APC diode modules, including a 3.3 mm  dia. unit with integrated molded lens / housing.


Here's what we're working on...

Lab Laser
                        on Optics Table
Lab Module

         6.5 mm plastic
                        housing APC diode module
                    Miniature Modules
  520nm Green Module in Test
Green Module Under Test

 Module Optical Inspection
      Final Inspection- Lens Housing


Please see the Products page for a complete list of the types of products we carry. The Products page is the main launch-link point for our site (besides the Site Map). The Products page is also where we let you know about what is new on the site, and what is soon to be posted. So please bookmark the Products page!

Pricing information for CLASSIC RED OEM laser modules only is located on the Pricing & Policies page.
ALL OTHER PRODUCTS currently have their prices on their detailed information pages, or can easily be obtained from us via e-mail or a phone call. Some products utilize a Paypal Shopping Cart system for fast parts acquisition.

The policies listed on the Pricing & Policies page pertain to ALL PRODUCTS.

On the Advice page you'll find general guidance in the selection of OEM laser modules. If you don't find an answer to your question, please email your question to us for a prompt response.

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