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3.3 mm Package Laser Diodes

Available in APC Version !
Yes, the APC Driver is contained within the Can.
 No External Driver, No Static worries.
See link at LEFT,  below:

  • Nearly 1/2 the diameter of 5.6 mm package- about 1/3 the Area!
  • Various Wavelengths.
  • Allows for smaller assemblies to be built using these diodes.
  • High Reliability, ISO 9001 Manufacturer.
  • Small Lenses Available.

photo of 5.6mm and 3.3mm diodes side by side

5.6 mm & 3.3 mm can.
Photo enlarged to show detail

These new diodes will certainly allow you to do more with less! 
Smaller modules, smaller assemblies, it's here NOW.
  Available through CTL via a Top Taiwan manufacturer- Makes their own wafers!

for the APC Version, 3.3 mm Laser Diodes
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 Standard Laser Diode:
635 nm

 DL 6354SL

click here

  635 nm, 5 mW (7 mW MAX.), 50 deg. C.
  High Precision

650 nm
 DL 6552SL

click here

  635 nm, 5 mW (7 mW MAX.), 50 deg. C.
   Low Iop

  DL 6575SL

click here

  650 nm, 7 mW (10 mW MAX.), 70 deg. C.
  High Precision, High Temp.

780 nm
  DL 7891SX

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   780 nm, 100 mW (220 mW Pulsed), 70 deg. C

 Soon we will offer the DL-7891SL, the aboove, but with the monitor diode!

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