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445 nm True Blue Laser Diodes

For 405-G-2 Lens that is higly efficient at 445nm CLICK HERE

With the advent of advanced equipment, we have acquired new 1 Watt Blue Laser Diodes for sale. These diodes are removed from new equipement, and offered at a fraction of an Industrial Diode. These diodes in volume through our normal distribution would be $500 +

A Few sellers of these diodes market them at 2 watts, possibly to show some advantage. These are 1 watt units that can be over- driven to 2000mW, but at substancial loss of lifetimes.
We prefer to say they are 1 watt, and go along with 2 watts only with the above disclaimer.

We are offering these NEW diodes, desoldered from NEW equipment and packaged in anti- static foam and heat sealed inside a Faraday Cage type anti- static bags for $50 each!

We are stocking these 445nm diodes for various customer deamands.
These diodes are allowing customers to realize commerical products at low prices.
 Creative has enabled it's customers to enter new markets with these low cost  diodes.
A few clients were previously blocked from low cost product development due to the higher costs of these didoes- especially when first introduced.

With our knowledge of worldwide manufacturing of consumer electronics, we can offer diodes of excellent quality at remarkable low prices.
We have teamed with huge volume buyers and pass savings on to our customers.
Many of these low cost diodes have no manufacturer's data sheet, but we have tested units and show our own data to back up our claims.

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New Diodes IN STOCK:
  1 Watt/ 1000mW, CW Removed from NEW Equipment- LOW COST !
$50 each
Add multiple diodes and/ or other items to cart.
No added ship fees for 10 or less items !

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DL-445-1000-1 data Sheet :
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