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Diodes with Built- In Drivers NOW Available
see below

  • Driver Cuircuit in the Normal Diode Can.
  • 5.6 mm or 3.3 mm package
  • Stable Output Power over Wide Range of Input Voltages & Temperatures.
  • ESD Protection & Surge Protection Included
  • Driver consumes little power :   < 5 mA @ 3 VDC
  • Pulsed Operation possible, 10KHz +
  • Allows for Extermely small module packages
  • Now all manufactures can handle the raw diodes- no need for special handling worrying about diode damage.
  • Output Power can be Factory  or User Set.
          Inside View of APC Laser Diode Can
A look inside the Diode Can... The old photo diode technology has been repalced with
a NEW APC Driver Circuit, Including the PD.

specifications updated as parts mature

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        Part #

 COMING SOON, call for details now, we can email you any data sheet not already posted.

 650 nm, 5mW

Priced upon request. 
Competetive pricing available with mass production.

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