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Now Available in 3.3 mm size !
Modules Utilizing our NEW APC Diodes
Built- In Drivers- Housing, Optics, & Diode: No Traditional External PCB Driver

see below

  • Driver Circuit in the Normal Diode Can.
  • Various sizes and Material (Brass & Plastic Optics/ Housing.
  • Stable Output Power over Wide Range of Input Voltages & Temperatures.
  • ESD Protection & Surge Protection Included
  • Pulsed Operation possible, 10KHz +
  • Output Power can be Factory  or User Set.
  • Low Cost
              3.3 mm diameter laser module                3.3mm laser module with plastic housing/ optic.
                                  3.3mm with brass housing                    Revolutionary one-piece housing/ optic in 3.3mm ! 

Photo of  APC Laser ModulePhoto of APC modules utilizing integrated pastic optics housing
                           4mm diameter                               Revolutionary APC Module with one-piece housing/ optic

specifications updated as parts mature

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  650 nm:     
Part #
* most modules listed as FDA Class IIIa, Other powers available, including Class II and Class I.

LMAPCD- 650-07-C3-A
 650 nm, < 5mW, 3.3 mm Diameter Brass Housing, Yes, 3.3 mm diameter !

 650 nm, <5mWAcrobat Reader Icon

LMAPCD- 650-01-C3-A
 650 nm, < 5mW, 4 mm Diameter Brass Housing, 4 mm diameter.

 650 nm, <5mWAcrobat Reader Icon

 LMAPCD- 650-06-C3-A
 650 nm, < 5mW, 6.3 mm Diameter, Plastic Housing- Integrated Optics.

 650 nm, <5mWAcrobat Reader Icon

635 nm:  due soon

call for details now, we can email you any data sheet not already posted.

Priced upon request. 
Competetive pricing available with mass production.

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LMAPCD- 650- 06- C3- A

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