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  Green Laser Diode

Recent developments in manufacturing, and demand for consumer electronics have realized milestone developments in laser diode production:
Direct Emission Green Laser Diodes.

The diodes are currently available as we enter mass production.

older technology green modules were available with High Powered Infrared laser diodes used to "pump" crystals to covert the light to green. These systems are complex, very inefficient, and fragile. Requiring high current, large size, and strict alignment of key components like the crystals, these 532nm lasers were the best technology could offer.
The 532nm green lasers are a less than desirable for many applications.
Now with Green Laser Diodes, our Green Laser Modules can be no larger than many of our small red laser modules, are more durable and operate at lower currents.

 Contact us for details of your module needs.

We hope to add you our list of OEM's who will be using these diode for their production.

These can be built into a Custom Module for Your Firm


- High Visibility Wavelength
- Small Size
- Durable
- Lower Current
- High Frequency Modulation possible

  50mW CW,  ~ 520nm
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