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Overview of Module Components
Some Links Not Complete (Green Pointer Hosts) & Working on Alignment

Components and Kits available for your construction projects.
Add a diode or other parts to complete your project.

Linear Driver PCB                                                     10.5 mm dia. Module Housing
                Groove 2                                                                          405 nm & 445nm Housing

Lens photo                                                           switch and spring on PCB
                     405-G-2                                                                                           Switch PCB

Glass Lenses:

           405-G-2TM     A Super Efficient Glass Lens designed for 405nm.            405-G-1TM     The Original Super Efficient Glass Lens designed for 405nm.

                                                                                Both 405 G Series Lenses Great for 445nm & 450nm Blue Diodes Too !

650-G-2TM     An Efficient Glass Lens designed for REd Diodes. Works well with 635nm, 638nm, 650nm & 658nm.

Plastic Lenses:

            LQ Lens     We have used this lens since 1997. It is a Great Lens, AR Coated with a decent N.A. 6mm diameter with built- in/ Molded- in mounting flange.


           405nm & 445nm Housing  Designed with 405-G-2 Lens. These are offered in both Tool and Hand Adjustable Focus versions.

           H-05-G 10.5 mm dia. Brass Housing with Glass Lens for various diodes.                  H-05-P  Same as H-05-P, but with cost effective Plastic Lens.

           Green Pointer Hosts    Bare Pointer Housings ready for your parts.                      Power Technology IQ Module      1.5" X 6" host with TEC and fan
                                                        2X AAA based.

           Thermal Compound  Heat sink  grease used for diodes and                                   TE Cooler  Low Cost Thermal Electric Cooler (TEC) w/ Heat Sink
                                                    driver components where you need increased heat transfer.         

           Switch PCB  Handy, PCB mounted Push Button Switch                                           Laser Diode Socket Used for temporary Diode electrical connections
with spring for Green Pointer Hosts.

PL520 Green Laser Diode

           445nm Laser Diodes  XJ-M140 diodes                                                     LPC-826 Laser Diode Higher powered 658nm diode.

            MITSUBISHI ML101U29  Laser Diode Higher powered 658nm diode.

         MITSUBISHI ML520G71  Laser Diode 300 mW High powered 638nm diode.

         MITSUBISHI ML501P73  Laser Diode 500 mW High powered 638nm diode.

405-G-1, 405-G-2 & 650-G-2 are Trademarks of Creative Technology Lasers

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