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LQ Lens Component Page

These lenses are acrylic and we have utilized them since 1997. They are a key component in our LQ Series of Modules. Their Low cost is complimented by their double sided AR Coating (MgF2), as well as their ease of use. Molded into the lens is a 7mm mounting flange.
The 5 mm clear aperture and N.A. support visible and near IR Laser Diodes.

We thousands of these lenses. But if you only need a few, that's OK too.


7mm diameter
5mm clear aperture
Fully AR Coated
6.3mm Back Focal length
0.3 N.A.
Easy to use built- in mounting flange

LQ Lens:
LQ Acrylic Lens

above shows 4 lenses.

Trays of LQ Lenses, 500
above shows trays of lenses: 500 pcs.  

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High Volumes  stocked.
As low as $ 2.00 eaqch at 100 pcs.        $4.00 each (single qty. price)
$2.00 USA Shipping, $8 International Shipping.

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