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                     Linear Driver Page
These are nice PCB drivers designed to operate in Buck Mode
(Input Voltage is HIGHER than diode operational voltage).
Comming Soon: Boost Driver (Input Voltage is lower than diode volatge)

1/2 AMP (500mA) Current
Up to 12 VDC Input
Very Small Footprint
Surface Mount with Thru- Hole Input and Load Pads
Up to 0.75W Power Dissipation without Heatsink

1/2 Amp Linear Driver
  photo of driver
10mm X 14mm
Variable Output Current via 1 turn Pot
Selectable Current Ranges:
(solder pad jumper selectable)
Low: 25mA to 200mA (default range)
High: 30mA to 500mA (just add a solder blob)

No Stock, Please email us if you need a higher qty. of these. Available, just not stocked at this time.
$14.00 each

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