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Stitch Photo: left, shows some stock, right shows details of two units

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This is a nice TEC we found at low cost, and are passing on the savings to customers.
Previously used for a CPU Cooler, it includes a finned aluminum heat sink.

Based on what we know, they are about 40 Watt units, although shown as operating at up to 12 Volts @ 3.5 Amps.
Heat Shrink on leds says "MELCO"  a great manufacturer of TEC's.
As we get more information, we will post it.

30mm X 30 mm TEC Peltier Device
256 elements.
Prepped with 5" Leads and connector, nice foam selar at element peremiter.
Copper Transfer pad easily removed for direct device contact.
Extruded and Machined Heat Sink is 60mm X 60mm X 24mm.
CPU type clamp easily removed, or bent out of the way for use.

Use this to Cool your HOT Diode, or use it as a Low Cost Laser Power Meter Sensor

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$ 9 each
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