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Thermal "Grease" / Heat Sink Compound Page

This Thermal compound is becoming more critical as diode powers increase, and diodes are pushed to and beyond their limits.

With higher voltages for 405nm, 445nm and 450nm  blue diodes (5 volts +), as well as the 7+ Volts for Green Laser Diodes and high powered IR diodes the heat produced by laser diodes have gone through the roof.
More and more, we need to get more heat conduction between laser diodes, mounts, and any heat sinks.

Thermal compound helps in this area.

Here is a small package of thermal grease we have used for many of our applications.
These small packages are great because they are handy, deliver a small amount of compound with little mess, and are disposable when done.
Use this low cost solution on all your heat transfer applications including diodes, heat sinks, power supply and driver regulators, as well as computer CPU's, TE Coolers, etc.
One (1) gram package.
White, silicone based thermal compound.
Low cost.
Good for several small applications.

Apply a thin, even layer between two surface
where you need good thermal transfer.

Heat Sink Compound
split photo of 1 gram package of
                              thermal grease & pile of 50 pcs.

Actual package color may vary by LOT.

Above photo shows: left, single item & right, a pile of about 50 pcs.
High Volumes  stocked.
as low as 60 cents each in volume.      $1.00 each
$2.00 USA Shipping, $8 International Shipping for up to 10 items.

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