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DPGL 3000 Series Green Laser Module

Previously Sold Under the CASIX name

       These units are now DISCONTINUED..

    Model            Output Power

    DPGL- 3005                    5 mW 

    DPGL- 3010                    10 mW 

    DPGL- 3015                   15 mW

    DPGL- 3020                    20 mW

Available in OEM Versions and Now Fully Certified (FDA/ CDRH) Models

Princing: Please call for pricing information.



Performance Specification
 Item Parameter
Output Wavelength:
532 nm
Output Power:**
CW,5, 10, 15, or 20  mW
Beam Mode:
Beam Diameter (1/e2):
< 1.0 mm
Beam Divergence (1/e2):
< 1.0 mrad
Power Stability:
< 150%
Line Width:
< 0.05 nm
optional, up to 50 Khz.
 Operating Tempature:
15 - 30 deg. C
Dimensions of Laser Head:
25 mm or 20 mm dia. x 77 mm length
 25 mm new standard size
Expected Lifetime:
>5000 hrs.
Power Supply:
LDC-600 or DC PCB

*Other models available with up to 3 watts of green. Call for details.
**Please specify this value when ordering.

Please use the following format when ordering.
DPGL - 30XX        (where XX= output power)
For example, your order may look like this: DPGL 3010

This page last modified 6 September, 2011


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