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Overview of Green OEM Laser Modules
(larger size / higher powered)

Reliable, compact and cost effective. Please see our new offerings

(smallerer size / lower powered)

Snake Creek Lasers

  GML Series

 US made lasers,very small packages:  5.6 mm and 9 mm.

  A 10.5 mm  diameter  module built in North America.
  Highest  Quality at a low cost. Fully CDRH Compliant w/ Labels.

Our least expensive green OEM laser module.
Very compact, only 12 mm diameter.

This small driver board will drive many of the solid state green laser modules currently on the market as well as higher power red diodes. Heat sinking is CRITICAL for correct operation.

Please call for pricing on the DPGL Series module and the PCB. Pricing for the P Series and GML  modules can be found on their spec pages. 

This page last modified 6 September, 2011

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