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                                      Green Laser Pointers

These  laser pointers utilize frequency doubling  laser crystal technology, creating an intensely bright green beam. Green laser pointers are brighter than red pointers, by upwads of 30X.. In addition, the human eye is more receptive (sensitive) to the frequencies emitted by green lasers than the frequencies emitted by red lasers. Therefore, green lasers are much easier to see than equivalent powered red lasers.

Although green laser pointers are higher priced than red pointers, Creative Technology Lasers  beats other's for their low quality green pointers. We have traveled the world, and been to the green diode and module factories. Call for Higher powered units !


Green Laser Pointers Photo
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Green Laser Pointer Specs
GLP - 5
Laser Type:
Frequency doubled, class IIIA laser. FDA approved. 
Power Output:*
< 5 mW with Auto Powerr Control
532 nm, green
Batteries Required:
Two (2) AAA batteries, included
Switch Type:
 Momentary contact- solid button
Avail. in These Colors:*
Black or Chrome, with pocket clip.
This pointer comes in a gift box
Single Unit Price:
$ 49.00**
 August 2011 NEW Lower Prices !
Also Call for a special Green Laser Pointer at $27.00

* Please specify the color when ordering.
** Call for volume discounts. We will match any other published prices.

Please use the following format when ordering. 
The underlined values need to be specified by you:
GLP - 5 color
For example, your order may look like this: GLP - 5 - Black

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