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  • A small battery powered module available in 670, 650, and 635 nm visible, and 780 nm invisible beam models.
  • Attaced to transits and levels in the construction industry.
  • Laboratory demonstrations
  • Portable scientific apparatus
  • Alignments of many types
  • Add a lens for line generation - ideal for radial arm or miter saws
Princing for this product is at the bottom of this page, and is not repeated on the princing page.

Industrial Laser Photo


1. FRONT END CAP: Flat glass window with anti-reflective coating to ensure better laser output and protect against dust, and moisture. The o-ring sealed window is water resistant and easy to clean.

2. LASER MODULE: Integrated optics, laser diode, and electronic driver circuitry  are contained within a patented solid brass structure for the best shock resistance and heat sink considerations.

    2.1 COLLIMATING LENS: Plastic aspherical lens provides better laser beam collimation and long distance visibility.

    2.2 LASER DIODE: 
          670 nm wavelength for standard brightness
          650 nm wavelength for 5 X BRIGHTNESS ``Super"
          635 nm wavelength for 10 X BRIGHTNESS ``Ultra"
          780 nm wavelength Invisible IR beam

    2.3 DRIVER CIRCUIT: Single Chip APC (Auto-Power-Control), controller on board to stabilize the laser output. This maximizes the diode lifetime and minimizes battery power consumption.

3. BODY: Constructed of aircraft aluminum 6061-T6 with matte black or silver finish, 3/4" diameter.

4. SILICON CUSHION: Designed to protect the laser module from shock and vibration.

5. ADJUSTMENT SCREWS: 2 adjustment screws can align beam left/right and up/down. These can be utilized for perfect alignment of the beam with the body.

6. SPRINGS AND CAPS: Strong steel springs for better support and better electrical contact.

7. BATTERY: Popular CR123A Lithium Battery provides 20 hours continuous on usage.


      8.1 Positive contact circuit board with reverse polarity protection feature.

      8.2 Sealing o-ring for water resistance.

9. PRESSURE SWITCH: Be-Cu spring with gold plating which can withstand more than one million times contact. Utilizes hook and loop fastening.

10. REMOVABLE ELASTIC BAND: Allows convenient position of pressure switch.

Specifications and Pricing:

  • 670 nm (standard)
  • 650 nm (Super 5X brightness)
  • 635 nm (Ultra 10X brightness)
  • 780 nm (invisible Infrared beam- visible using night vision equipment)
  • 635 nm (precision optics)

Specifications Common to Industrial all Models
3/4" diameter x 2" (overall length) - except 1001U and 780 see below
6061 T6 Aircraft Aluminum
Black or Silver Anodized
Removable Pressure Switch,  push on/off switch available
Cable Length:
5" standard, 10" & 15" available
3V Photo Lithium - CR123A, available even at supermarkets
Battery Life:
Approximately 20 hours continious use; months if used intermittantly
Shock Resistance:
Tested to 2,000G for 10 msec.
Agency Approval:
FDA Approved- Class IIIA Laser Product

Individual Model Specifications and Prices
Beamshot 1000:
670 nm, 1/2" beam @ 30 feet,
4" beam @ 300 feet
Beamshot 1000S:
650 nm, 1/2" beam @ 30 feet,
4" beam @ 300 feet
Beamshot 1000U:
635 nm, 1/2" beam @ 30 feet,
4" beam @ 300 feet
Beamshot 1001U:
635 nm, w/ precision optics: 3/16" beam @ 30 feet,
1.5" beam @ 300 feet
Module size: 3/4" dia. x 3.2" long
Beamshot 780:
780 nm, 1/2" beam @ 30 feet,
4" beam @ 300 feet, invisible IR beam, seen w/ night vision equipment
Module size 3/4" dia. x 2.6" long

Push on/off switch
5" cable
10" cable
15" cable
Coiled cable

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