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Overview of  Laser Diodes

Your Branch- Off Point for all our Laser Diodes.

We sell a complete line of Various Diodes from Many Worldwide manufacturers. We are direct distributors for the manufactuers.

Click a link Below to get you to the Right Category of Laser Diodes.
Brands are distinguished on the various pages.

Some things you may not see on other sites:
 - Green Laser Diodes: Yes, they are here at 505 to 520nm - in modules.
 - APC Laser Diodes: Diode driver electronics built right into the diode.
 - 3.3mm diodes: Many diodes are now 5.6mm, there are even smaller !

RED and IR Laser Diodes

Green Laser Diodes     (New)

450nm Blue Laser Diodes

488nm "Argon Line" Laser Diode

405nm Violet- Blue Laser Diodes

APC Laser Diodes

3.3mm Laser Diodes

APC Modules also available...
Utilizing APC diodes, complete modules as small as 3.3 mm in diameter, including plastic housing with integral molded lens.

Module Components
You have your diodes... now what about collimating optics, housings,  and drive electronics. Find them many at the above link.


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