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Diode Pumped Green (DPGL) 
Driver Spec Page

LDC- 1500 Power Supply

       These are our NEW Units.

For Laser Heads: 
DPGL- 1000 Series, DPGL- 2000 Series (up to 100 mW)
DPIR- 1000 Series, DPIR- 2000 Series( up to 300 mW)
and others

Included with Laser Head if FDA/ CDRH Complient Laser System is Ordered
Princing: Please call for pricing information.
Performance Specification
 Item Parameter
LD Drive Current:
0 to 1.5 A, front panel adjustable
LD Drive Current Limit:
0.05 to 1.5 A, PCB trim potentiometer
MAX LD Voltage:
3.0 V
LD Drive Current Noise:
< 25 uA (RMS)
LD Drive Current Stability:
< 100 ppm/ deg. C
External Modulation:
DC to 50 KHz.
Max. TEC Drive Current:
Max. TEC Drive Voltage:
8.0 V
Short Term Temp. Stability:
< 0.002 deg. C, delta T = 1 deg. C
 Long Term Temp. Stability:
< 0.02 deg. C, delta T = 50 deg. C
Temp. Sensor:
NTC Thermistor
225 (W) X 72 (H) X 200 (D) mm
Input Supply:
100 ~ 240 VAC
Please use the following format when ordering.
LDC - 1500 
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