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  • All optical glass lenses  with AR coating
  • Fans out laser spot in one direction to form a line
  • This assembly screws directly into the LA and M2LA laser modules and can be used with other modules.
Call for pricing informatiion.

Outside dimensions (units are in mm):

LO Series (dimensions)

LO Series Photo

LO Series Details
LO - 60
LO - 45
LO - 04
Fan Angle:*
60 degrees
45 degrees
4 degrees
Line Length @ 1 Meter:
1.7 meters
1.0 meters
0.07 meters
2 element glass lens
2 element glass lens
2 element glass lens
Aluminum, black anaodized
Aluminum, black anaodized
Aluminum, black anaodized

* Please specify the fan angle when ordering.

Please use the following format when ordering. 
The underlined values need to be specified by you:
LO - fan angle
For example, your order may look like this: LO - 04

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