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LASER66.com Logo                    P Series II and P Series III
                                 Compact OEM Green Diode Pumped Laser Module
                                   with Auto Power Control
                                           Spec Page


  • Units are fully functional APC (Auto Power Control) modules, making these our smallest & least expensive green OEM laser modules.
  • Very compact, only 12 or 8 mm diameter.
  • Complete with Collimation Lens- Not a high divergence module.
  • APC utilizes GREEN Light Feedback
  • Complete with Driver PCB
  • Higher powers up to 80 mW available but Constant Current.
Pricing: Single item princing is given in the last row of the table, below. Call for volume discounts.

P SeriesII, 12mm diamter, with APC
P Series 2 Green Laser Module Photo
  P SeriesIII, 8 mm diamter with APC
8 mm diameter green laser module with APC

Note: Feedback wires !
Now at < 5 mW APC, lower power available, higher powers alos available.

P Series
 P Series III
532 nm
532 nm 
Output Power:
< 5 mW, each measured
 < 5 mW< each measured
Beam Divergence:
1.2 mrad
 1.2 mrad
Beam Size:
1 mm
1 mm
Operating Temperature:
0 - 40 deg. C
 0 to 40 deg. C
Operating Voltage:
3V (pcb)
 3 V DC
$ 50

Please use the following format when ordering.
PSY - X , Y= II or III X = power level
For example, your order may look like this: PSIII-5

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