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                     Module A     532 nm 
                            Spec Page

Creative Technology Lasers is an
Authorized US Distributor for Snake Creek Lasers.

  • small size
  • up to 15 mW CW TEMoo
  • fully collimated
  • built- in driver circuit- coming soon with APC
  • 532 nm GREEN Light output
  Module A by Snake Creek Lasers utilizes Patent Pending  components.
  Pricing: Single item princing is given in the last row of the table, below. Call for volume discounts.

Micro Photo

SCL-CW-532-5.6MM Module A
532 nm, < 0.5% of 1064 nm leakage
Output Power*:
< 15 mW, CW, TEMoo
Beam Divergence:
0.5 mrad,  full angle
Beam Size:
0.5 mm
Operating Current:
< 200 mA
Operating Voltage:
3 V

Please use the following format when ordering.
SCL-CW-532-5.6 MM Module A- X*, X* = output power
your order may look like this: SCL-CW-532-5.6MM  Module A- 10

This page last modified 12/14/05.


 E-MAIL, FOR ORDERS ONLY, CALL TOLL FREE: 877.532.5273, (877- 532- LASER)
Telephone: 925.210.1330