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       MicroGreen  click here         MicroGreen Photo        
               a 5.6 mm diode/ crystal package


    MiniGreen   click here             MiniGreen Photo
              a 9 mm diode/ crystal package

           and now:

Module A     click here              Module A Photo
             a collimated module with built -in driver


  • Reliable, Made in USA by  SCL Logo
  • Very Compact size, the smallest designs in the World.
  • 5.6 mm and 9 mm Diodes (Micro and Mini)
  • Up to 100 mW
  • Module A runs on just 3 VDC.

Model:                    Features:
 MicroGreen           Low cost, up to 15 mW TEMoo
 MiniGreen             50 mW and 100 mW versions, TEMoo
 ModuleA               Collimated module w/ driver utilized MicroGreen laser.

Princing: Micro: $ 275 each, Mini: $700 each. Please call for volume pricing information.

Creative Technology Lasers is an Authorized Distributor for Snake Creek Lasers.

This page last modified  6 September, 2011


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