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    Switch PCB Page
Originally used to make a Green Laser Pointer Driver, this small PCB is GREAT for small projects requiring an activation switch.

No driver components included except
the activation switch and spring contact.
Utilize the various PCB connection pads for your own wiring requirements.

Slips into black plastic support housing
supplied with Green Pointer Housings.

Use it for custom laser pointer builds.
Fits 12mm housings and other pointer hosts.
9mm wide X 16.5mm long PCB.
Total length 24mm including conical spring
Solder it to PCB, or flying leads

Switch PCB with Spring Contact

  photo of Switch PCB
Photo shows multiple views of one PCB sold,
including with Black Plastic Button Support.
(Support sold with Green Pointer Housings)
Sale is for one (1) PCB Switch as shown at bottom right of photo.

$3 each

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This page last modified 13 July 2021

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