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Blue Laser Diode Overview Page

We have Blue Laser Diodes available in two categories.
Two diodes in one class, and one diode in the other class .
The first category is 450nm single mode diodes at 50mW and 80 mW.
The second class is high powered, 445nm diodes at 1 watt output power.

(see below)

With advances labortory developments, new wavelengths are appearing for commercial laser diodes.  Creative Technology Lasers has kept on the cutting edge of these rapid changes, so we can offer customers the Latest Technology.

Blue Diodes are one example of these new products.

We Sell You Tomorrow's Lasers Today...

These diodes are allowing customers to develop new products,
enabeling them to enter new emerging markets.

With our knowledge of worldwide manufacturing and emerging consumer electronics,
we can offer diodes of excellent quality at remarkable low prices.

New Diodes IN STOCK:
(click Blue Underlined LINK)

450nm Single Mode Diodes
  50mW & 80 mW CW

445nm Higher Powered Diodes
  1 Watt/ 1000mW CW

For 405-G-2 Collimating Lens that is efficient with Blue Diodes CLICK HERE

This page last modified 26 August, 2011

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