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Diode Pumped Green (DPGL)
OEM Laser Module
Overview Page
      These modules have been phased out of our offerings.
      Previously sold under the CASIX name.
                                                                            Please contact us for our new offerings.


  • Reliable
  • Compact size, copared with bulky gas lasers.
  • Cost effective
  • Available in various output power configurations
  • Imported

Model:                     Features:
DPGL- 3000 Series          Low cost, Low Power, Free Running Module
DPGL- 1000 Series          Medium Power Free Running Module
DPGL- 2000 Series          Temperature Stabilized, High Power Module
DPGL- 2000C Series       Cylinder Shaped, Temperature Stabilized Module
DPGL- 3000T Series        Mini Package, Temperature Stabilized Module
DPGL- 3000F Series        Feedback Diode Module
DPGL- 4000T Series        Low Noise, Mini Package

Also available: 
Many of these laser in 1064 nm IR Versions.

Princing: Please call for pricing information.

Picture DPGL- 1000 Series


                           DPGL- 2000 Series

*Other models available with up to 3 watts of green. Call for details.
**Please specify this value when ordering.

This page last modified 2-1-06.


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