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OEM Products
Creative Technology Lasers supplies OEM products to manufacturers.
For a listing of our Retail Products including Green Laser Pointers, Alignment Sights, and Higher Volume Promotional Laser Products, Please click our:

A few pictures and links (below pictures) of a few OEM products:
                                                                    No External Driver PCB Needed ! 

6.5 mm diameterplastic housing module                 4mm diameter Laser Diode Module                     Linear Laser Driver PCB
          6.5 mm Plastic Housing Module with                                 4mm diameter module w/ 3.3 mm diode                                   Laser Diode Driver PCB
               integrated lens and APC diode.                                                                                                                  
  Welcome to the OEM Products page. We offer the following types of products:   Laser Beam Profilers
  • Please visit DataRay, Inc., and please tell them you were referred by Creative Technology Lasers, or ask us for more information about Beam Profilers.
Please click on the above links to visit the overview pages for those types of products. On the overview pages you'll find links to the specific spec pages for each item in a particular catigory.

Please also visit the Advice page for additional general information about laser products that may help you select the appropiate product for your needs.

We can assist with many engineering questions you may have. Feel free to e-mail us or call: Please use our toll free number for Orders Only  1-888-LASER66 (1-888-532-5273).


  • We accept Paypal for fast shipping.   Please see "Add to Cart" Buttons on selected pages.
  • Added new 405nm and 445nm diodes.
  • New  Module Compoents pages for  prototyping & easy small quantity orders.
  • Added Hitachi Laser Diodes
  • Creative Technology Lasers has been a representative for DataRay, Inc. which manufactures a complete line of laser beam profilers. Please tell them you were referred by Creative Technology Lasers.
  • New products on our site:

Soon to be Posted
  • Complete information on our laser diodes
We have detailed information on all the soon to be posted items, so call us for if you can't wait!

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