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405-G Series Lens Component Page
These lenses are USA Made Glass Lenses.
Watch out for Overseas Copies.
405-G-2TM, 405-G-1TM and 650-G-2TM are Trademarks of Creative Technology Lasers.

 Specifically designed for 405nm, they perform with little loss at 405nm and work well with newer 445nm & 450nm BLUE Diodes as well as 520nm GREEN DIODES.

For  405nm Diodes (click left link) or 445nm BLUE Laser Diodes (right link)

405-G-2TM & 405-G-1TM
  photo of lens
High Efficiency Glass Lens for 405nm & 445nm
Same Lens design, Different Coatings.
Higher Volumes of 405-G-2 lens stocked.


405-G-2: Multi- Layer "A" Coating
405-G-1: Single Layer MgF2 Coating

6.3 mm diameter, 2.39 mm Back Focal length, 0.6 NA !   AR Coated           


6.3 mm diameter, 2.39 mm Back Focal length, 0.6 NA !   AR Coated           


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July 2014: 405-G-1 OUT of STOCK
Due to slow sales, we may not Carry it in the future, except for higher volumes- contact us.

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